Leonard Bookbinding - Quality work by hand for over 40 years.
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We are a family operated service specializing in the restoration of worn or torn books and Bibles. 
We take pride in restoring books and Bibles that owners think are beyond repair. 
Our work is 100% hand crafted.
For rebinding Bibles, we use only genuine leather.  Not bonded or veneer.  We use quality grade buckram for restoring books.  Rebinds take about 2 weeks to complete. 
We also restore old family bibles.  Bringing them back to life for future generations to use.  Restorations take up to 3 months to complete depending on the amount of work needed.
Look around our website and when your ready to rebind your book or Bible please contact us at 817-901-3277 or email us at leonardbookbinding@yahoo.com.
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