Leonard Book Binding
4331 Willow Bend Dr 
Arlington, Texas  76017

      Veterans and active military 
 receive $15.00 off!   

We have a standard rate of $110.00 for all Bibles up to 7" x 10".  This includes the genuine leather cover.  Anything over 7" x 10" will be an additional $25.00 charge. 

If you want to use your original cover and it is still in good  condition the price will be $88.00.
There will be a charge of $25.00 for books with excessive  page repairs and bent corners.
Title on the spine and your name on the front cover are included.  If you want additional type or lines on the spine or cover, there will be a charge of $8.00 per line.  
Pricing on restoration of old family Bibles will vary with the condition of the Bible.  We will have to see it in order to give an exact quote.  You can send pictures of your Bible or book to leonardbookbinding@yahoo.com or text them to 817-901-3277.
If you are in need of minor repairs that don't involve a complete rebind, pricing will start at a minimum of $25.00.
* Please note that all rebinds include complete repair of the spine, and spine reinforcement, headbands, inside liner, and marker ribbons.  There is no additional charge for extra ribbons.  You may have as many as the width of the spine will allow.
*When shipping your bible please include contact number and or email address.  We will contact you once we receive your Bible or book to fill out the order form.  If you are paying with a credit card we will invoice you for payment online.  If you prefer, you can include a check or money order with your shipment made payable to Leonard Book Binding.  Please include return postage.
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